The Sortie

sor•tie - |ˌsôrˈtē; ˈsôrtē| 2 : an operational flight or mission by a single aircraft.

JenVenn’s sortie went wheels-up in 2004 during her last semester of undergraduate studies. While working on a self-initiated cancer foundation project in memory of Tracy Runnion, the high school instructor who introduced her to the field of graphic design, Jenny quickly became enthralled with the educative process of designing for social change. Not only did her knowledge base swell exponentially, but she impacted and inspired those around her during the course of her work. This fortuitous benefit provided insight that her future should continue on a similar flight path.

While in graduate school, Jenny continued to explore this new-found direction by co-piloting with the Western Kansas Deaf and Hard of Hearing Resource and Referral Agency. Working directly with its two founders, she not only felt the sincere gratification of true pro-bono design work, but inadvertently became an activist for the deaf and hard of hearing in Western Kansas, a title that would continue to follow and provide cause for Jenny in her future endeavors.

Arriving in 2007 at an altitude of 7200 feet, Jenny spent six years running the graphic design program at the University of Wyoming in Laramie while dedicating her passion and studio practice in three main vectors:

Steadfastly working with no sign of descent, Jenny currently flies from Wichita, Kansas, committed to continually spreading her wings for the greater good.  Along with colleagues who share the same passion and clients from down the road and around the world, she every day works to embrace and expand the possibilities and impact of design for social change in her own backyard and beyond.